Our Team

Wainschaf has a dedicated team of professionals, both skilled craftsmen and support people, who are committed to exceeding industry standards.

If you’re interested in being a part of our team, please send us your resume.

Joshua Wainman

 (518) 449-2220 Ext. 6

Gerald Wainman

Vice President
 (518) 449-2220 Ext. 1

Rob Stone

Vice President of Field Operations
 (518) 449-2220 Ext.7

Brian Baker

VP Of Construction
 518-449-2220, Ext. 4

Curtis Barkman

Director of Construction

David Canfield

Vice President of Development
 (518) 449-2220

Terrance Gibson

Sr. Project Manager
 (518) 449-2220 Ext. 8

Scott Hamilton

Sr. Project Manager
 518-449-2220, Ext. 6

Owen Bergdoll

Project Manager

Charlie Thirkell

Director - Property Management

Beth Bobel

Assistant Project Manager
 518-449-2220, Ext. 3

Christina Englert

Assistant Project Manager

Tanya Tudor

 518-449-2220, Ext. 5

Dawn Brutsch

Accounts Payable

Ken Perry

Safety Director